Wait, What’s Going On With Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan? Let’s Check In On These Kids For A Minute

If there’s one piece of drama that spiraled out of control this week, it was the primary elections. Just kidding! It was the turmoil over at Live! With Kelly & Michael, which picked up rapid-fire speed and is showing no signs of stopping. Didn’t have time to follow the emotional roller coaster of feuding talk show hosts? Left floating adrift on a sea of vague, tense headlines, wondering, “What is going on with Kelly and Michael?” Yeah. Us too. So we did a little research to get to the bottom of the beef.

Here’s everything we know so far, and a few things we hope will happen:

Tuesday morning: Michael Strahan announces he’s leaving Live! for Good Morning America.
After a four-year stint as Ripa’s co-host, Strahan, an ex-NFL player who is randomly great at charming celebrities, makes a surprise announcement that he’s heading to GMA. Seemingly not too big a deal: GMA is also on ABC, so he could just be switching gigs. Until…

Wednesday: Kelly Ripa doesn’t show up for work.
Headlines left and right tear into Ripa’s “diva” behavior for skipping a day of work after she learns she’s losing her co-host for the second time in six years. As Vulture shrewdly points out, “Ripa committed the cardinal sin of ‘being angry while female,’ a misstep that puts perpetrators at risk of being called shrill, bitchy, crazy, high-maintenance, ruthless, ambitious… or, yes, a diva.”

Also Wednesday: We find out that Ripa was “blindsided” by Strahan’s departure.
This is a big deal to people besides your aunt because Ripa, too, was blindsided by the news that Michael Strahan will no longer be sitting atop that awkward stool every weekday. According to the New York Times, Ripa was informed that she was losing her co-host only minutes before the public. She was called to a meeting with her bosses — show producer Michael Gelman and WABC general manager Dave Davis — after Tuesday’s show and forced to sit for 20 minutes with no knowledge of the meeting’s purpose. Strahan rolled in late and broke the news that he was leaving.

So where’s Kelly?
On a “previously-scheduled vacation” until Tuesday. Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell will be hosting with Strahan.

Can Channing Tatum be the new host?
Because everyone refuses to think outside the box, Anderson Cooper is reportedly the front runner to replace Strahan.

Or they’ll just cancel the show. The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the move could be part of a plan to expand GMA into a 3-hour long show (good god) and get rid of Live! altogether. A Disney-ABC TV spokesperson denies those claims: “We believe the show has a great future. End of Story.”

One thing’s for sure: Kelly’s future in TV will be fine, because Andy Cohen says so.


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That’s a good enough endorsement for me. (Also, #TeamAngryFemale for life. It’s OK to be pissed, Kelly. Be pissed. God knows, a dude in your position would be allowed to be.)