The New Season Of ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Brings The Laugh-Cries About The State Of Women’s Healthcare

The new season of Inside Amy Schumer premiered last night, which means our girl is back to comfort us about every woman’s rights issue we should probably be crying about. First up: Healthcare. In once sketch, Amy plays a woman just trying to get her annual pap smear. (She’s just like me, except with a perfect blowout.) Until… four men in suits come in to examine her instead of a random OB-GYN from ZocDoc.

“We’re your doctor,” says an old, white man.

“No, you’re a bunch of Congressman,” she says. “I recognize you.”

It’s the old “get the government out of my vagina” joke taken to its comedic extreme and — thanks to Amy, some straight-faced acting, and talented writers — actually made funny. The Congressmen refer to her period as a “lady curse,” tampons as “blood diapers,” and confuse Amy for a virgin when they ask her — repeatedly — why she doesn’t have any kids at age 34. That part, at least, may sound all too familiar.

You may be asking: Where are the Congresswomen who might be available to do an inappropriate pelvic exam? In addition to a reminder to get your annual, the sketch serves as a reminder of how misrepresented women are in government. Only 104 women (19.4% of the 535 members) serve in the U.S. congress. So like, dudes are going to have to check some of our ladyparts. Oops! Unequal representation in Congress sure is the gift that keeps on kicking you in the vagina.

We can expect more topical sketches this season (and next, as Comedy Central execs have already given the show another season), says Executive Producer Dan Powell in a chat with The Hollywood ReporterAfter the Lafayette, Louisiana shooting during a screening of Trainwreck, Amy has tackled the issue of gun violence — and she’s planning to use her show as a platform. “Amy met with the victims’ families and felt that it was an issue that was important to her,” says Powell. “We spoke a lot about it in the writers’ room and we even explored a few longer form things, but we felt that a little goes a long way with this subject matter. Amy wrote a sketch that opens the third episode that I think hits points that we haven’t seen before in a really funny and unique way.” Given the show’s history with handling sensitive issues, we’re especially excited for Episode Three.

Can comedy change the world? Probably not. But at the risk of being cheesy: If we can find a way to connect over our issues using laughter, maybe real movement in policy isn’t too far behind.

Watch the full sketch below, courtesy of Comedy Central: