Snapchat’s Face-Swapping Filter Just Got Way More Fun/Terrifying

Snapchat is great for a few things: 1) posting little blips about your day that are not pretty enough for Instagram; 2) sending naked photos; 3) sending naked photos after you’ve been Bob Marley-o-fied; 4) and fucking around with the face-swapping filter. Unfortunately, if you’re over the age of, I dunno, 26, Snapchat is not the most intuitive app, and it took me way longer than a minute to figure out how to get face-swap to work and once I did, well, I was delighted and horrified in equal measure. The great news is, Snapchat’s latest update now allows you to faceswap with existing photos on your camera roll! Don’t I look commanding as Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek? This face-swapping thing isn’t so bad! Let’s try some more…


They do say that dogs and their owners start to look alike, and the seamlessness of this swap with my dog Lucca is proof, I think.


Then I decided to confront how much I’ve aged by face-swapping with my five-year-old self. Gotta say, I don’t miss the furrow between my brows, but I look pretty much the same. I guess moisturizing really does pay off.


I recently screenshot a picture of some random girl on Instagram because I liked her hair color. Turns out, I REALLY LIKE HER FACE and think it was MEANT TO BE MINE. Look how much prettier I am!!!!


I am so glad I never took up smoking or heavy drinking or aggressive sunbathing, because face-swapping with Britney Spears has given me a glimpse of what could have been if I had.


I face-swapped with an old black and white photo of Bernie Sanders and now I’m reconsidering my allegiance.


Yep, only Hulk Hogan can pull of this handlebar ‘stache. I am horrified by myself.


I would like to officially apologize for desecrating Prince’s image so soon after his passing. However, I do think I pull of the sparse facial hair and pursed lips quite well.




Me as Jack Nicholson. WOULD NOT HIT IT.

Lastly, I tried to face-swap with a picture of Rihanna, but even Snapchat was like, “GIRL, YOU WISH” and refused to allow it. So I face-swapped with a ball of yarn instead.


Yeahhh, no, Jack was better.