New Ted Cruz Attack Ad Says Trump Is The “PC Police” Because He Thinks Trans People Can Pee Wherever

Goddamnit, Ted Cruz, why are you making me defend Donald Trump? The Presidential candidate has released a new attack ad targeting the Donald for being, LOL, a member of the “PC police” over his recent comments about North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill. Yesterday, Trump told Matt Lauer at “TODAY” that he disagreed with the “very strong” bill, which bans people from using bathrooms that don’t match the sex they were assigned at birthday. In a rare moment of rationality, Trump essentially said that the law was unnecessary, being that there were very few complaints when people were allowed to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.” He also, gasp, said he would not care where Caitlyn Jenner peed in Trump Tower.

This, Cruz’s ad states, is evidence that Trump won’t “take on” the PC Police, because he IS one of them. Slow your roll, Ted. Let’s not give Trump too much credit — the PC police generally don’t go around calling Mexican immigrants rapists, or suggesting that we should ban all Muslims, or making period jokes about Fox News commentators. Trump’s perspective on North Carolina’s bathroom bill seems to be about economic practicality, not a fervent belief in trans rights. So, you know, Cruz’s concern that Trump is some sort of secret leftie because he’s not obsessed with where people relieve their bladders is pretty misplaced.

YOU BOTH ARE STILL TERRIBLE OFFENSIVE JERKS, TED. You just happen to be jerkier on this particular issue.

And by the way, the ad’s contention that allowing trans people to access the bathroom of their choosing is “isn’t safe” is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Everyone knows religious conservative politicians are far more likely to engage in inappropriate sexual activity in public restrooms. Duh.