How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Face: 6 Brilliant Ways You Need To Know

This is going to be our year, you guys. We’re going to work coconut oil into our goddamn beauty routine if it kills me. And by “it” I mean the four tubs of Trader Joe’s oil precariously stacked in my pantry. Let’s start where it really matters —with how to use coconut oil on your face. Smooth legs are great, but they won’t get you anywhere if your face is gross. Feel me? Woo, it’s fun to be a woman and have all this excessive, internalized pressure to look and feel youthful and perfect all the time! But honestly, coconut oil is — as I’m sure you’ve heard from all the articles, billboards, aggressive carrier pigeons, and newly added Bible passages — pretty much the best thing ever. So here’s how to use it on your face:

Makeup Remover
Not only will coconut oil save you from dabbing chemicals around your eyes to remove makeup, DIYing your own remover is way cheaper than even your basic drugstore wipes. Try this rubbing a pea-sized drop of oil on your lids each night, then wiping the excess off with a damp washcloth. Voilà!

Save yourself a trip to Sephora and slather some coconut oil on your cheekbones for a natural glow. Pro tip: Put on your makeup first, then dab some oil across each cheek to seal in moisture and reflect the light.

Night Cream
You can use coconut oil as a regular moisturizer, but I highly suggest applying it at night and letting it soften your skin while you sleep. If you have oily skin like me, the teensiest drop will get you through the evening and you’ll wake up glowy as a Friday morning.

Face Oil
If raw coconut oil is too intense to use on your face, Well+Good recommends snagging a face oil that uses coconut oil as the base instead. I love Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil, which is made from a combo of sunflower, grape seed, and almond oil. They didn’t pay me to say that! I just really like it!

Lip Balm
Mix coconut oil with a teaspoon of honey for a homemade lip balm. To prevent yourself from eating half of your new balm for dessert, apply right before bedtime to wake up with smooth lips that also smell like a cupcake.

Chapped lips more your problem? Add a teaspoon of salt and mix until your oil turns to a liquid — boom, you’ve got a lip scrub. Dab your lips with a warm wash cloth for 60 seconds then rub off the excess. Repeat daily and flakes be gone.

Teeth Whitener

The “oil pulling” trend was all over your Facebook last year for a reason. It’s said to eliminate toxins from your body and, bonus, make those pearly whites shine. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with coconut oil and swirl around in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. Goodbye, toxins; Hello, red carpet? Who knows! Who cares! Every surface of your body is glowing like the sun!