Flashback Friday: Lighten The Mood With This Video Of Prince Kicking Kim Kardashian Off The Stage

Laughter is truly the best medicine in the face of sadness, and as we feel the great loss of the gorgeous artist formerly known as Prince, I think it’s essential that we not only appreciate his beautiful musical contributions but his veritable boatloads of humor and attitude. Prince was a man who knew how to navigate the hellscape of the music industry with an iron fist of self-preservation, while still maintaining his perpetual charm and sense of magic.

This video provides the perfect example of Prince’s seamless ability to rule over the atmosphere of the traveling glam kingdom known as his concerts, as it shows him briefly inviting Kim K. to dance on stage only to quickly banish her for failing to deliver the goods. Seriously, regardless of how sad you feel, the straight-up “fuck you, get off my lawn” sentiment coming from Prince when he realizes Kim is bringing zero spirit to the stage is priceless.

This throwback is so life-giving it might infuse us with the vitality needed to summon our Prince back from the ether, that is only of course if he wants to be summoned.