This Louisiana Ballet Company’s Photo Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

The way we’re programmed to think of ballet is through an exceedingly narrow white filter. Everything from the pasty white”flesh-colored” tights and shoes to many of the Eurocentric bone-structure ideals touted have made it into a rich-white-girl’s game. Luckily, those tides are turning and the Louisiana-based En Pointe Dance Studio is leading the charge with a crew of dancers who have been competing and winning awards all over.

When they first posted the studio’s group photo on Facebook, it immediately went viral due to the widespread reaction of “Fucking finally!” and also the fact that the tiniest dancer girls are so ridiculously adorable. The studio teaches a wide range of dance styles including but not limited to tap, hip-hop, jazz, and of course ballet, and have been actively showcasing some of their dancer’s ballet poses on Facebook.  Just looking at them is making my inflexible body sore.

En Pointe2
CREDIT: En Pointe Dance Studio

Seriously though, that lower left pose is some next level anti-gravity shit. If I was assembling any sort of team of superheroes or survivalists, I’d want that woman on my team.