This New Rihanna Video Is A Beautiful Revenge Fantasy, Just in Time for 4/20

On this, pot-smokers biggest and only holiday, Rihanna has released a new video for “Needed Me” for our viewing pleasure. It’s intense to say the least. For those of you that have been celebrating today, buckle up.

It’s known that Rihanna is a fan of the ganja having a track titled “James Joint” on her most recent album ANTI. Plus, it’s rumored that she requests that venues be well stocked with Flaming Hot Cheetos upon her arrival and throughout her stay. Any stoner would completely understand such a request.

It’s in the same vein as “Bitch Better Have My Money” in that it portrays Rhi as this Queen of the underworld type figure and features oodles of not-so-subtle nudity and violence. “Bad bitch” has always been on brand for Rhi-rhi, but with ANTI she seems to be stepping it up hardcore.

The world depicted in this video is super gritty and dark. It’s like a 3 minute Quentin Tarantino film if Quentin had superb fashion and style techniques. The narrative is harsh. The visuals in the video are brutal. Savage even.  Her body – which is VERY visible throughout- is upsettingly beautiful. Here, see for yourself.

See, what’d I tell ya? Between this video, and Rhi’s other recent videos, I don’t recommend that you piss her off. She’s depicting herself as rather vengeful these days and she looks good doing it too.