The 20 Best Tweets About Harriet Tubman Replacing Andrew Jackson On The $20 Bill

Today, the US Treasury announced some exciting news: a Black woman has finally been selected to appear on US currency — but instead of going on the $10 bill, Harriet Tubman will be ousting Andrew Jackson as the new face on the $20 bill! (The image above is an unofficial mockup from, which conducted a poll about who people would like to see on the $20, FYI.) Last summer, the Treasury Secretary revealed his original plan to select a famous American woman to put on the $10 bill alongside Alexander Hamilton or on separate bills of her own. But many objected to that plan — aside from those sexist dirtbags that balked at, gasp, honoring a woman along with all those crusty white dudes, there were those who argued that a woman should not have to share the bill with anyone. Thanks to the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton  became more popular for his role in the founding of our country and for establishing the Treasury, whereas Jackson was inarguably, you know, a slave-owning, Native American-slaughtering piece of shit.

It’s unclear what led the Treasury to deviate from the original plan and instead replace Jackson with Tubman, but it’s really quite poetic, isn’t it? An abolitionist replacing a racist slave-owning President on the most commonly used bill in this country. DAMN. Much ink has already been spilled about the complex and conflicting symbolism in a Black revolutionary woman who once staged a sit-in to get $20 to free her own parents from slavery, being used as a symbol of capitalism, so the reaction to today’s news has been somewhat mixed. (I’m not even talking about the racist white folk, and Ben Carson, who are too awful and stupid to pay any mind.) At the very least, most seem to agree that Andrew Jackson deserves to get the boot and that the more people who learn about Harriet Tubman, the better. Here’s a look at the best Twitter reactions to learning Tubman was taking over the twenty:

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