How To Masturbate For Women, Because You Can Never Know Enough, Honestly

Sure, there isn’t a right way to masturbate, just as their isn’t a right or wrong way to have sex. Although, we can all agree that there is good sex and then there is bad sex. Here are some tips on how to masturbate so that you orgasm, making it worth your time and efforts.

Study up. In order to maneuver your way around a city, it helps to have a map. Same goes for the vagina. We always give guys a hard time about not finding the clitoris, but it’s no easy task to find our own either. I’ll spare you some mild blushing as you read this at work and I won’t post an image here, but definitely look it up.

Note: if he doesn’t rake the time to text you “I don’t care” instead of “idc,” he’s probably not going to take the time to find the clit.

Places like The Pleasure Chest even offer free classes centered around finding the G-spot complete with qualified instructors and take home charts.

Be properly equipped. I have friends that are able to do it bare-handed, but I personally struggle with this. I need some assistance from my vibrator which I affectionately nicknamed “Gonzo.” It’s blue and it resembles my favorite muppet.

Gonzo and I have been together for a long time, but it took time to find the right fit- literally. There are so many varieties of vibrators because no vagina is the same. We’re all built different and have our own preferences, so you’ll have to shop around before settling down. It’s just like with dating and finding a therapist- your match is out there.

Practice. You’re not gonna be great at it the first time you try. Unless you’re some kind of pussy protege, the first few times are going to difficult and exhausting, both mentally and physically. Don’t give up. Keep trying. I promise you, once you figure it out, your life will change for the better. I know I stopped texting shitty guys so much for booty calls because I was finally like, “I don’t need this, I can just do it myself.”


Change it up. Play with positions. Throw in another finger.  Add some lube. Rub it. I know, this is starting to sound like that old commercial for “Bop it!” Twist it! Pull it!


I’m just throwing out a bunch of suggestions here because I really don’t know what’s going to work for you. There are lots of books on the subject and advise floating around the internet, but masturbating is such a private, personal thing that’s the beauty of it. This does mean that what works for me or your friend may not work for you so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t.

Its a very natural thing and will eventually come* to you naturally.

*Yes, pun intended.