Emilia Clarke Thinks Game Of Thrones Should Have More Male Nudity And The Mother Of Dragons Is Always Right

As a fan of Game Of Thrones, I actually have a joke about the show in my standup routine.

“I took one of those online quizzes, I took which GoT character are you?”

“I got: nameless whore”

The joke is obviously about the fact that there are so many unnamed characters on the show that they are just “whore #3″ or “naked woman.” Such is the case with most television, but especially HBO. Emilia Clarke was on the The Late Late Show Monday night advocating for equal rights in on-screen nudity. Along with guests Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Clarke began began chanting “free the penis!” during her interview with James Corden, in reference to the lack of male nudity on Game of Thrones.

I often joke about how young women are told to keep their clothes on and stay in school only to wind up with an acting degree, praying they get the role of “whore #3 on Game Of Thrones, or The Wire or The Sopranos. Whatever the drama, you can bet there is a whole lot of nudity and the nudity is almost always female.

I’m not alone in feeling this way. Reductress, a fake women’s magazine, once posted the satirical headline, “MFA Grad Thrilled To Play New Pair Of Tits On Game Of Thrones.” It’s so very funny because it’s so very true.

It’s not just the nameless characters either. “There’s a little bit of inequality with nudity that happens with woman — this woman in particular — and that happens with the other guys,” she said. “I think it should be even.”

This is not the first time Khaleesi has demanded this. Earlier this month, Clarke did an interview for Glamour where she first insisted that there be more peen presented for our viewing pleasure. In reference to Khal Drogo’s dong-o, Clarke admits,

“I saw his member, but it was covered in a pink fluffy sock. Showing it would make people feel bad. It’s too fabulous. No, I don’t know why. But I’d like to bring your memory back to Mr. Michiel Huisman [Khaleesi’s love interest in seasons four and five] and I copulating for the first time, which began with me saying, “Take off your clothes,” and then you got to see his perfect bottom.”

His “member”? In all my years of gossiping, I’ve never heard anybody refer to his “member.” I’m unsure if the term is innovative or prehistoric.

And okay, sure, we get to see his “perfect bottom,” but as Clarke insists in her interview with Corden, it’s time to figuratively release the dragons and literally free the peen.