Which States Have Legalized Marijuana? Here’s The Updated Rundown

Roll a fat J, pack a bowl, hit the bong – whatever way you choose to smoke, it’s time to celebrate, Pennsylvania, because you’re the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana! Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a bill that will allow qualified patients to use “pills, oil, vapor, and ointment of liquid form,” and includes a provision that will allow parents of sick children to give them medical marijuana before the bill officially takes effect in May. Qualifying conditions patients must have include “cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, assorted neurological and gastrointestinal disorders, autism, among others.” Unfortunately, while it’s great to see yet another state recognize its pain-alleviating benefits, pot is not legal recreationally in all of the states which have passed medical marijuana laws, and how Pennsylvania plans to police those who violate the new law remains to be seen. So toke, but stay woke, stoners.

Of course, one of the (few, and totally worth it) side effects of copious weed use is a memory that can’t recall shit when you need it to. And since you surely want keep track of all the places across this vast country that are turning green, here’s a handy map to affix to your refrigerator to remind you each and every time you get the munchies. [NY Daily News]