The Full Trailer for Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Reveals No Answers But You Should Watch It Anyway

This weekend, Beyoncé dropped the teaser for something called “Lemonade,” which is happening on April 23, at 9pm on HBO. No one knows precisely what “Lemonade” is, but the teaser looked…kind of exciting? As exciting as 20 seconds of video that was slow enough for me to wonder if it was actually working when I saw it on Instagram over the weekend, clicked “Play” and wondered why nothing was actually happening, that is.

The thing is, a Beyoncé something is imminent. The tour starts April 27th. April Fools’ Day came and went without an album. On the day that we thought we might get an album, we got Ivy Park – a line of athleisure wear perfect for your various summer Lewks, real or imagined. And now, with the tour nipping at our heels, twe have the closest thing to something tangible from this woman in years! Years. And, we still don’t know what it is.

Here’s the full length trailer for this HBO event.

“Why can’t you see me?” she asks in the trailer, which bears a passing resemblance to the opening credits of a tamer, less gory and more creative American Horror Story.  To answer your question, girl: We can’t see you, Beyoncé, because you haven’t let us see shit since your last album and the “Formation” video, but I digress. Like love and decent cheese and wine, I know these things take time.

What could “Lemonade” be? Hopefully, it’s a capital-E Event, an hour and a half’s worth of videos for her new album, which will be released immediately after it airs. Hopefully, it will continue in the same vein as “Formation.” Maybe it’s a documentary about the making of her album. Maybe it’s a line of shoes. Maybe it’s Blue Ivy’s clothig line of princess dresses, fairy wings and custom made leather jackets. Maybe it’s actually lemonade. Who knows!  Just be ready to have your entire Saturday night derailed, at the mercy of King Bey.