The 5 Best Coachella Performances That You Should Watch Instead Of Working Right Now

It’s safe to say that as we pull the dead-weight of our bodies back into the work week, the concept of doing literally anything to avoid working is appealing. This is where the glorious resourcefulness of the internet swoops in like a true Prince Charming, riding on his steed with impeccable swiftness and a slew of distracting viral videos for us to consume.

Luckily for those of us seeking respite, this past weekend marked the 26th year that A- to D-list celebrities commune with the flower crown-wearing normals and descend upon Indio, California, to dance like no one but the paparazzi are watching. For those of us who spent the weekend elsewhere, here are the five best performances from Coachella 2016 listed in no particular order.

1. Rihanna’s Performance Of “We Found Love”

It’s no secret it’s been a killer year for Rihanna, between the release of her spiritually and physically seductive album Anti, the announcement of her upcoming documentary, and the way she pulled off the ultimate flex by renting a whole hotel floor to smoke weed. In other words, RiRi has proved herself to be an unstoppable force. Her status as an unflinchingly enchanting performer was fully upheld at Coachella when she brought out the big guns by singing her classic hit “We Found Love,” along with Taylor Swift’s lover-boy Calvin Harris. Isn’t this already better than doing your job?!

2. Run The Jewels featuring Bernie Sanders

The rapper and icon Killer Mike has been a vocal Bernie supporter for awhile,  stumping for the presidential candidate as well as playing the unofficial role of celebrity PR man and campaign advisor. So the tables were turned (literally) this past weekend when Bernie Sanders introduced the Mike’s supergroup Run The Jewels before their Coachella performance. You can watch them perform their new collaboration with DJ Shadow,Nobody Speak,” for an audience that feels the Bern and the beat.

3. Kesha’s surprise performance of “True Colors”

It’s been a hell of a year for Kesha in the most literal interpretation of hell possible. Her ongoing court battle with Sony over a contract that forces her to work with the abusive producer Dr. Luke has slowed her ability to freely create music. Luckily, this didn’t stop the steely woman from making a surprise appearance at Coachella during the DJ Zedd’s set, performing a new song titled “True Colors.” Hell yes, girl.

4. Ice Cube featuring Snoop Dogg performing “Fuck Tha Police”

Last year, Ice Cube successfully reunited N.W.A. for his Coachella set, which he must have known would be hard to top. This year, he brought back Ren and Yella for “Straight Outta Compton” (they didn’t forget about Dre — he just couldn’t make it), and called in Snoop Dogg and Common for an epic version of “Fuck Tha Police.” I promise that watching this video is 800 times more satisfying than focusing on your Monday workload!

5. Guns ‘N’ Roses performing “Welcome to the Jungle”

If you are a band that performs more than 10 years after your glory days of relevancy there will always be haters. But I am 100 percent in support of the nostalgia-fueled reunions of classic rock bands if it means I might get to see them perform before the decades of drug use fully take their toll. Music festivals like Coachella are as much about spectacle as they are the actual music, so bringing GNR back to revisit “Welcome to the Jungle” feels completely on brand.

If these performances didn’t successfully distract you from at least 20 minutes of work, then I both salute and distrust your focus.