Taylor Swift’s New Apple Ad Made Me Realize I’m Still Emotionally Triggered By Jimmy Eat World

True story: within seconds of clicking play on this new Apple Music ad, featuring Taylor Swift, I was rapidly devolving into an angry and completely irrational nostalgia fiend thanks to the inclusion of that 2001 Jimmy Eat World song “The Middle.”

Allow me to explain.

The ad features Taylor scrolling through her Apple Music library only to stop on the Jimmy Eat World track and wistfully muse that she used to “love this song in middle school” before dancing to the song for the remainder of the ad. Seeing a 26-year-old with a net worth of $200 million sell a music app by enthusiastically dancing to a song I used to cry to as a self-pitying teen is just a reminder of how terrifyingly embarrassing it is to be alive. It’s a reminder that all advertisements are out there to poach your soft-spots and make you feel stupid until you buy their product to placate your feelings of stupidity. How else will you cleanse your palate of the despair from realizing you’ve been emotionally triggered by a one-minute Apple advertisement?

But mostly, it just reminded me how much I can still genuinely jam out to Jimmy Eat World, which I’m sure fits into Apple’s self-serving intentions, but in my case has raised the question, “Is this more embarrassing or comforting?” Did Taylor Swift feel compelled to revisit her 8th grade journal in order to track her progress as a human being after making this ad, or is this my own personal spiral inspired by the comforting pop-lyrics of “The Middle”?!

Does this continued attachment to music from 15 years ago indicate an arrested development and tendency towards stagnancy? WHY IS THIS APPLE AD CAUSING ME SO MANY FEELINGS?!

Anyways, go ahead have a watch for yourself and see what horrors it triggers in your impressionable little heart.