Olivia Wilde Is Pregnant With Her Second Baby, Yay for Olivia Wilde!

How adorable is  Olivia Wilde’s pregnancy announcement? It’s pretty adorable, if you like children, black and white photography and visual indicators of upper middle class wealth. I mean, look at those sheets. They’re Frette, right? Oh, also, congratulations, you crazy kids.

Matching baby bumps. ✌️

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While no official announcement from anyone’s “camp” has been made, this physical photographic evidence of Olivia Wilde, her son Otis and her pregnant belly should be enough to ease anyone’s worry about what was going on in Wilde’s uterus. Tiny baby Otis turns 2 on Wednesday and the family is currently in Hawaii while dad Jason Sudeikis promotes Angry Birds, the movie based on the game of the same title.

Really, we should have all seen this coming. The Daily Mail reports that Wilde was spotted at the beach with her family, “keeping her stomach area covered in some denim dungarees.” You know how stars love to cover their stomachs in dungarees when trying to keep their pregnancy away from telephoto lenses and the paps!

All jokes aside, congrats, yay, can’t wait to see what you pop out in a few months/weeks/soon!