‘No Men Beyond This Point’ Imagines A World Without Dudes & Somehow, It Looks Pretty Bad

We’re all for a good misandry joke, but No Men Beyond This Point looks like a “Funny or Die” video stretched into 80 minutes. Sony just released the trailer for this sci-fi-ish mockumentary, which premiered at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival last year, and it’s somewhat dire. In the film, 37-year-old Andrew Myers (Patrick Gilmore) is the protagonist; he’s the youngest dude in the world, as well as the housekeeper for an all-female family.

The trailer itself doesn’t give away much of the narrative; for that, we had to turn to the official TIFF guide, which actually makes the movie sound slightly more interesting. Women have evolved to reproduce asexually, and a new world order is in place that outlaws sex (between men and woman, obvs) and sends men off to so-called sanctuaries. When Andrew starts hooking up with one of the women he nannies for, it wreaks havoc on the household and could spell trouble for the female-only future.

No Men Beyond This Point is supposed to be some sort of tongue-in-cheek commentary on gender, but it’s kind of hard to find any of the images in the trailer all that funny. Like, it’s supposed to be funny when a teen girl takes a break from soccer to snark, “Excuse me, you can’t congregate in groups of more than two” to Andrew and a few of his guy friends, but it’s actually pretty creepy in that it mocks, you know, real events from history and also the present where people are being herded off to camps for their identity! It’s not really clear who filmmaker Mark Sawers is trying to piss off more, feminists or the mens’ rights activists who fear this very future of gender essentialism and virtual castration.

Right now, No Men Beyond This Point doesn’t have a release date, which means you probably have plenty of to read the graphic novel series Y: The Last Man, or Margaret Atwood’s sci-fi dystopian MaddAddam trilogy instead.