A Problem With Kylie Jenner’s Lip Gloss Just Got Called Out (And Maybe Fixed)

Kylie Jenner has taken some time from her heavily-Snapchatted schedule of wearing wigs and dancing under the soft glow of a Cocahella sunset to address concerns about her lip gloss. It turns out that Kylie Jenner’s lip gloss is bad. Who knew? Apparently, after the first batch of lip glosses – not the lipsticks, guys, the glosses, pay attention!! – went out, Jenner realized that she needed to make a change to the brush. In a series of Snapchats, Jenner pointed out that the applicator brushes were a tad too long and so she promised to make them shorter in the next run. While it may seem a little suspect that the product was being changed so quickly after release, fans and casual observers probably surmised that it was because Jenner cares deeply about the product, her clientele and giving American the best goddamn nude lip gloss money can buy.

Well, vlogger/makeup artist/MySpace “personality” Jeffree Star begs to differ. After receiving and assessing the newest restock of the lip kits, Star noticed that the applicator brushes were frayed, useless disasters better suited for say, slopping barbecue sauce onto hulking sides of pork shoulder than applying lip gloss to waiting lips. So, because lip gloss is of the utmost importance, Star took to Twitter, like you do, to come for Jenner and her peach-colored wig.

For what it’s worth, while I’m sure it’s terrible to pay money for something and get a terrible product in return, assuming from the jump that Kylie Jenner didn’t put enough work into the creation of her lip gloss feels rude at best. Has Jeffree Starr learned nothing from the 10+ year Kardashian immersion spell that we’ve all been living under? Kylie Jenner is Kris Jenner’s daughter, through and through. That woman is the hardest working woman in show business and I don’t care if you feel good about that or not. It’s just the truth. To assume that Kylie made a product, saw that it was all garbage, and then cackled to herself as she sent boxes and boxes out to unsuspecting fans who paid money is an easy leap to make but if you add up all the pieces, it doesn’t make sense.

Jenner caught wind of the slander, rolled her eyes, grabbed her phone from Malika and addressed his concerns.


Great. Resolved. Totally fine. But because there is no rest for the petty, Starr had to fire back one last time.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, Jeff-o. You won.