US Treasury To Announce Which Woman Will Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill This Week

Sick of having to see white men everywhere, including the bills you receive from your badass job of taking over the world? Yes, us too. Well it’s time to celebrate, because a woman is finally going to replace a Founding Father white dude on the $20 bill at long last…although, reportedly not until 2030. Originally, a woman was supposed to replace Hamilton on the $10 bill, but apparently because of the musical Hamilton’s wild success, the Treasury Department is going for the $20 instead. Huh. Ok. I guess the $20 bill is better anyway because that is what you get from ATM machines so, maybe this allows for more “coverage.”

This week, United States Secretary of Treasury Jack Lew is going to announce who the woman from American History will be to replace Andrew Jackson. Jackson is getting booted in part because of his checkered past with Native Americans, namely his implementation of the Indian Removal Act, which forced Native Americans out of their territories leading to the Trail of Tears. Yikes.

The last time a woman was featured on a US bill was in 1891 and for only five years. It was Martha Washington our first FLOTUS (George Washington’s wife). She was featured on the $1 silver certificate which like doesn’t even sound like a real bill anyway.

The woman will most likely be either Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman, after both of those figures were the most voted for in an online poll done last year.

I am good with either, which one would you rather have?

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