Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio Are Spotted Canoodling At Coachella

Back in January, rumors buzzed about a potential relationship – or something sexy – happening between superstar Rihanna and recent Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

After pictures of the two partaking in intimate whispers, surfaced from Coachella’s “Neon Carnival” party in Thermal, California on Saturday, the rumors have started up again that these two were an item or may be an item one day.

The pictures shows them canoodling quite closely – while Leo whispers sweet somethings into Ri Ri’s ear. The two of them are sun-bespectacled indoors which always makes me wonder – are these celebs trying to hide from the paparazzi or are they just in a never-ending pursuit to look cool af?

I digress, regarding the potential hook-up: there is a big part of me that loves the idea, but Leo is obviously notorious for dropping gf after gf as often as you replace disposable razors. Sorry, but Rihanna is way too good for that and I don’t want to see her getting involved in another potential douchebag situation – or worse.

Maybe these two are just wholesome friends out for a night on the town during Los Angeles’s most poseur-centric festival.

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