Julia Louis-Dreyfus Joins Larry David On SNL For A Fun ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion

Last week, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton wrapped up one of the most heated debates of the entire election season (the absurdist Republican debates notwithstanding) in Brooklyn, NY. With Tuesday’s New York primary only a couple days away, a lot is at stake, so of course Saturday Night Live had to join in while the heat is still on.

NBC’s SNL spoofed last week’s Brooklyn debate in its cold open. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton versus Larry David’s Bernie Sanders. The topics included the overall tone of the campaign, the 1994 crime bill, and New York’s recent possible minimum wage increase to $15.

The best part of the of this debate spoof however, was was when they started asking for input from “real New Yorkers.” Out comes Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes from epic 1990s sitcome Seinfled (hold while the crowd goes totally ape-shit!).

With Clinton possibly entering the White House in 2016, we are always reminded that a 90s throwback could be imminent. Are we ready for more Seinfeld and more Clintons?