Pamela Anderson Tries Stand-Up Comedy In New York City

Celebrity stand-up is on the rise. With actor Robert De Niro recently trying his hand at the craft, next comes Baywatch and Barbed Wire star and Playboy Playmate Pamela Anderson. What???

Yes you read that right, the 48 year old actress decided to try standup comedy on Thursday night as host of “Gotham Comedy Live” in New York City. So far, no video of the actress-cum-comedian has been released but I’m dying to see if she can do this as well as more seasoned veterans.

The New York Post reported that as part of her stand-up set she said: “I’ve always wanted to try standup because I was inspired by all the great female comedians we’ve had: there’s Joan Rivers, Phyllis Diller, Andy Dick” as part of her set, and she DID in fact get laughs – especially when she started going into hilarious detail about her infamous sex video with ex-husband and Mötley Crüe member, Tommy Lee.

“Did you see that Hulk Hogan got $115 million for his sex tape? That pissed me off! All I got were some stupid Mötley Crüe tickets.” Ok, Anderson you got me, that is funny!

Lastly, she went into some classic self-deprecation, laughing at herself about her (non-existent) chances of ever winning an Oscar: “Let’s face it, the only way I’m getting an Oscar from ‘Baywatch’ is if I find one in the sand with a metal detector.”

I am dying to know though, did she write these jokes herself or did she hire a joke writer? Can money and fame really get
you anywhere? Sigh.

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