Kendall Jenner “DJs” At Coachella In Seriously 90s Raver Buns

20-year-old reality star and high fashion model Kendall Jenner, made a seriously 90s/boho/raver looking entrance into Coachella annual Los Angeles music festival’s first day. I mean it’s arguable as to whether this is an actual music festival or just a celebrity and young people’s gathering on the grass to show off quirky fashions.

Some of the festival’s headliners do include: Guns N’ Roses, LCD Soundsystem, Calvin Harris, Ice Cube, Sia, Disclosure, and Underworld. Wait! It really is the 90s!

Kendall was sporting a slightly Bjork-esque hairstyle, pretty cheap and weird looking sunnies, along with her slinky Boho maxi-dress, and $650 sandals by designer Aquazzura.

Her “mood” for the day was also announced via her Twitter, with an appropriate baby throwback picture of herself:

But Kendall’s time to shine was when she pretended to do a bit of DJing with DJ Daniel Chetrit while at an exclusive party that NONE of us were invited to. Did Jenner actually DJ at all or is she just playin’? IDK. Not to be upstaged by her older sister, later on we discovered that Kylie Jenner also played DJ at DJ duo Simi & Haze’s set at a nearby PAPER Magazine party.

You know you can just chill out and let the DJs do their thing, right gals? Anyway, enjoy Coachella.