Don’t Let This Video of Lance Bass & Joey Fatone Ruin Your Day Too

Lance Bass, a man who is not Justin Timberlake, is currently hosting a themed cruise entitled “Dirty Pop at Sea.” Bass is joined by “world class talent” like Ryan Cabrera and his own husband, Michael Turchin, allegedly on board to do art for the passengers. But that’s not the bad news. Joey Fatone, a fellow former member of NSYNC, decided to join his old pal on stage for some karaoke. Harmless, right?

Think again.

This morbid 3:23 seconds has ruined what would have been an otherwise lovely Friday afternoon. Remember: I warned you. In lieu of watching, I will transcribe for you a list of the worst parts about the video

9. Joey’s go-to dance move is to the “hump the air.”

8. Lance wears a lanyard around his neck.

7. “This is the bass part.” -Lance, really going in on a cruise ship karaoke performance.

6. I’m not a teenager anymore.

5. They know every damn word.

4. Lance hasn’t changed his hair.

3. They sing a Backstreet Boys song. Gentlemen, at least give us one of your very own moneymakers.

2. “This is the gayest song ever,” sings Joey, standing next to an openly gay man. “Backstreet is really gay.”

1. NSYNC, who used to look like this, is now on a cruise singing karaoke.

Have a great weekend!

Another weekend ruined courtesy of TMZ.