Abbi And Ilana Get “Garbage Bags Of Weed” From “Full Businessmen”, Just Like You Do

America’s actual sweethearts Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Galzer of Broad City went on Jimmy Kimmel last night to discuss the delicate intricacies of procuring weed.

“Where do you get all this pot that you seem to be smoking all the time?” Kimmel asks. Abbi — my actual favorite — gestures towards Ilana to handle this question, like any normal stoner does when faced with possibly giving up their guy on national television.

“The pot on the show is fake, and is so harsh and horrible–” Ilana starts to say, but Kimmel clarifies. He wants to know where they get their actual weed from.

“I get mine from Ilana,”Abbi says.

“I get mine from a full businessman, like a restauranteur,” Ilana said. “And, he’s got garbage bags full of weed.”  I would not personally trust any weed that came out of a garbage bag, but you know what, I don’t have a successful television show on cable television and she does, so maybe I should change my tune.

Anyway, they also talk about blurring out Ilana’s often-nude body, in a segue that feels seamless for reasons I can’t quite understand. Turns out, Standards and Practices thinks that Ilana’s vagina should be smooth! But, never fear, your Kweens took one on the chin for every woman out there proud of her full bush and unafraid to talk about it.

“I got a baby vagina? I’m an adult,” Ilana said. “It has to look like an adult.”

“In a way, you’re not only doing a show, you’re fighting for cvil rights,” Kimmel said. “You’re like a couple of Martin Luther Kings.”

That’s a bit of a stretch, Kimmel, but hey, we should all be grateful that Abbi and Ilana didn’t say that first!

Yas, kween. Yas.