Who Is Ellie Kemper Married To? His Name Is Michael Komen, & Here’s His Deal

Well, look at that, Ellie Kemper is pregnant! Good for her. People love babies. In fact, I feel like if you made a venn diagram of the people who love babies and the people who love Ellie Kemper, there would be a hella fat overlap area. But excitement aside, we need some details. Namely, who is Ellie Kemper’s husband? Did anyone even know she was married? OK, I’m sure some of you legit Kimmy Schmidt fans certainly knew she was married (and her shoe size; you Kemperlings are voracious, and yes, I just gave you that name) but I’ve never seen that show and I did not. She’s kind of just part of a general, hazy blur of homogenous white “funny girls” on TV: like, she’s fine, but gun to my head, I couldn’t tell you a single fact about her.

Anyway! I do love gossiping about people’s personal lives, so let’s talk about the man who filled her adorable, inoffensive uterus with another human to squeeze up on our extra-crowded planet. Michael Komen is a writer who previously worked for Conan O’Brien. I can’t find much information about what he currently does for work, so I’m assuming that doin’ it bareback inside his wife has been his full-time job. (Just kidding — he writes for a bunch of shows you’ve never heard of.) Maybe he’ll be a stay-at-home dad. I bet he bakes. Kemper once described him as “delightful” which tells me two things: There’s a firm cap on how good he can possibly be in bed, and his ass bakes. Congrats, guys!

Image: Getty Images