What Counts As Incest? This Mom/Son Pair Don’t Know, So Let’s Review

Wedding bells are ringing but few are celebrating the impending nuptials of Kim West, 51, and Ben Ford, 32. No, the issue isn’t exactly that West would have been nearly 20 years old when Ford was born, but the fact that the then-19-year-old actually gave birth to him. Yes. You read that correctly. West and Ford are mother and son, they are in a sexual relationship, they intend to get married and have kids. Oh oh oh, AND they want everyone to know that their love is NOT INCEST. It’s “genetic sexual attraction,” which is totally different. (No, it’s not). Since these two lovebirds clearly need a refresher, let’s review what counts as incest, shall we?

It’s incest for a mother and son to fuck each other, even if that mother did not raise than son, as is the case with West, who gave Ford up for adoption at birth. It’s still incest no matter how many years later – 30 years, in this case – a mother and son meet and fall in love and decide to pursue that relationship by fucking. It’s still incest when you give it the more delicate and psychologically-friendly diagnosis of “genetic sexual attraction” because people who are genetically related, sexually attracted to each other and DON’T STOP RIGHT THERE but instead pursue that attraction through “incredible and mind-blowing” sex are taking things to the next level. That level is called INCEST.

Just so we’re clear.

Anyway, I really couldn’t care less if these two consenting adults commit incest with each other, though I DO think therapy would be better, but please, please, please, don’t have a child. The poor thing would grow up being their mom’s grandchild and their dad’s sibling and life is terrible and confusing enough.

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