Vaginas Get Blue Balls, Trust Me (And This Video)

Recently, I wrote about my love/hate relationship with the anti-anxiety/depression drug Effexor, namely my frustration that it was leaving me extremely sweaty and orgasmically challenged. So when Megan sent me this video from Stuff Mom Never Told You called “Women Get Blue Balls Too,” I was like, “Girl, tell me about it.”

While (cisgender) women don’t have testicles, the “vasocongestive” factors that cause what’s colloquially known as “blue balls” can happen to your chocha. During sexual arousal, blood flows and swells in the vulva, uterus and ovaries, and over a long period of time, without relief in the form of RELEASE, your business, specifically the labia and clitoris, can start to feel all achey and heavy and altogether unpleasant. Watch the video above to learn all about why I went on a middle of the night rampage of my apartment searching for batteries to power my strongest vibrator after an hour of being just shy of actual climax. [YouTube]