Tinder’s New Share Feature Lets You Set Up Your… Coworkers

Tinder is solidly medium at anticipating users’ needs. First, they introduced a feature to match users with a presidential candidate. Now, they’re introducing a “share button” so you can stop taking a screenshot every loser or surprise hottie’s profile — Tinder will now play nicely with apps from Slack to LinkedIn to iMessage. Once a recipient gets the message, says Business Insiderthey are now eligible to swipe left or right on the profile. Just like you once were. Wait, don’t you kind of want him back now?

Somewhere, there is an HR Manager drafting a memo asking employees to please refrain from sending one another photos of shirtless men on company time. (Thankfully, not mine.) As BI reports, the new share button won’t work with Facebook Messenger, Apple email, or Facebook itself.

In any event, this is great news for Jenny, 28, who can now just wait until a friend matches with her husband and Slacks or Pockets her the evidence.