Parker Posey Doesn’t Understand How The Internet Works, Posts Trans-Phobic Joke On Twitter

Parker Posey, that quirky 90s indie-darling who doesn’t do much these days, has recently discovered Snapchat. And, unsurprisingly, she’s really, really into it, because Snapchat is the great equalizer and makes everyone, even the Kardashians, feel good about looking really, really bad.

So far, Posey’s Snapchat dabblings have been pretty tame.

Watching a semi-Famous learn the ins and outs of the very same service I use to watch other, more polished Famouses get their makeup done and ski in Vail with their family is nice. New-fangled social apps are truly the great equalizer. Here’s another one, of Posey using Snapchat to take a powerful stand for LGBT rights.

She seems chill, honestly. That’s why it’s so stupidly surprising that less than a week later, she posted a shitty, lazy and very transphobic joke via the Snapchat filter that makes you look like a state trooper with a mustache.

“I’m driving around all day today as a man!” she wrote, below a picture captioned “Insta-Transgender.” While I’m sure she “loves” the internet, she’ll probably love it a little less when she finds herself at the receiving end of everyone’s ire. When¬†transphobic legislation is still being passed and comedians are still making bad jokes about Caitlyn Jenner, why, precisely, did Posey think that this was a good look? Furthermore, why would she pose as an ally and then turn around and spout this drivel a week later?

PSA: It’s never, ever okay to make someone’s identity the butt of a joke. Please, celebrities and everyone else, keep this in mind.