Is Blake Lively Pregnant? She’s Clearly Knocked Up Again Because She Wore A Sweater

Hey! Remember Blake Lively? I haven’t thought much about her because Deadpool looked like a very bad film and Age Of Adeline was Not Good, but is Blake Lively pregnant with her second baby? My sources say “Who cares,” but some other sources say “Maybe!”

Look, she’s wearing a wetsuit and she’s also wearing a swater wraped around her waist. She’s also wearing sweatpants and possibly a rubber rain boot — a curious sartorial choice for someone standing on an ostensibly-sunny beach. Maybe Blake Lively is pregnant. Maybe Blake Lively is cold. Maybe Blake Lively has taken it upon herself to give sweet baby James, 2, a sister or a brother. Speculation is more fun than facts, so let’s indulge until she confirms, yes?

Possibly-maybe-sort-of congratulations to the potentially-expecting mother!