Aziz Ansari Went To Italy And All We Got Is This Hilarious Kanye Music Video

Whether you watch his show “Master of None on Netflix, or you picked up his book Modern Romance, or you still refer to him as Tom from “Parks And Recreation,” you’ve got to admit, Aziz is a busy guy. Ansari took a recent vacation to Italy because wouldn’t you if you were him?

When you’re on vacay, you typically document your trip by taking pictures and video of the sights and the food. Ansari did the same, only on a much larger, much more ridiculous scale. He and his “Master Of None” co-star Eric Wareheim, who is apparently “Big Bud” to Ansari’s “Lil Bud,” took the trip to the land of pasta together. According to Ansari’s Instagram, the two of them ate basically the whole time.

While on their trip, the two pals made an epic music video set to Kanye’s track “Famous,” complete with wacky dance moves, an ocean view, and A LOT of food. Here, see it for yourself: