You Can Now Slobber All Over An Adult Coloring Book Of ‘Buff Bernie’ Sanders

Loyal and creative fans of Bernie Sanders have created everything from Bernie pot pipes to music videos to Sanders-inspired ice cream flavors – and now you can take your Bernie obsession to the next (explicitly sexual) level with the adult coloring book Buff Bernie.

Fully living up to its ridiculous potential as a “coloring book for Berniacs,” the coloring book was created by the illustrator Nicole Daddona, who dedicated 20 full pages to etching out imagined abs and triceps for the Vermont Senator.

This drawing makes me feel very emotionally confused, because I like Bernie’s policies but the corny frat-boy pose makes me wanna puke on his glasses:

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.38.51 AM
CREDIT: Buzzfeed

Daddona took some cues from Feminist Ryan Gosling, turning Bernie into hunky socialist Lothario. On one hand, I kinda hate the need to make a candidate into a fictional love interest or sex object, especially in the context of this election, where many people hardcore hate on Hillary while making Bernie into some utopian Romeo. However, these illustrations are pretty great.

CREDIT: Buzzfeed

If your appetite, or your pants, are sufficiently wetted, go ahead and buy the coloring book here.

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