There’s A Real Life “Gone Girl” Called The “Black Widow” — She’s Terrifying (And Slightly Amazing)

An 80-year-old Canadian woman has spent the past 25 years harming her four husbands, and don’t bother trying to get her to apologize for it. Melissa Ann Shepard, aka the “Black Widow,” is back in jail after she used a public library computer to go online — a violation of the terms of her release. She also had a curfew and was required to inform police of any romantic relationships after drugging her last husband.

Shepard’s patten is simple: She meets men who have recently lost their wives, charms them, marries them, then drugs them as quickly as a few days into the honeymoon. “There’s a saying, ‘She could charm the bark off a tree,'”  journalist Barb McKenna told the BBC. “She’s very slick. You would confront her, and she could immediately think up a response to it … even though it was an obvious lie.”

Various prison terms later, don’t try to teach an old dog new tricks.

The CBC asked Shepard in 2005, “Can you change?”

“I can’t say that from now on I’ll be a perfect citizen,” she said, “but I’m just going to try, day by day, to behave myself and do what I should have been doing all along. But I can’t say that that is going to be the outcome of how my life will end.”

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