The Rihanna Documentary Is Going To Be The “Character Study” She Deserves

There is going to be a Rihanna documentary, and it sounds like exactly the kind of reverent piece of art that a Rihanna documentary ought to be.

From the full report over at Deadline, the “theatrical feature” is planned as:

“A contemporary take on the 1967 Bob Dylan rock doc ‘Don’t Look Back,’ the film is described as an ‘unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon.’ Berg, who gave Rihanna her acting start with a role in his movie ‘Battleship,’ said that he liked the idea of examining ‘a young artist at the top of her professional field.’

Berg also added that it will be “much more a character study than a music film,” which is good, because if I wanted to watch some fawning concert montage, I could just go on YouTube. Overall, the only way this could better is if it was also produced and directed by Rihanna.