Man Gets Period Cramps Out Of Sympathy, Makes Matt McGorry Look Like He Isn’t Even Trying, TBH

A new report in The Sun tells the story of a man who is so extremely goddamn woke he gets period cramps.

According to the tabloid, 22-year-old George Fellows experiences “sympathy pains” for his best friend — “sympathy pains” that are so bad, he takes sick days even when she is totally fine and continues living her life, in the way of most women with periods.

It is worse for George, though. In addition to the pain, which a doctor believes is “trapped gas,” George gets very moody when it is his dear, sweet Amber May-Ellis’s time of the month.

“I get really erratic and emotional. I don’t want to be around people and just can’t really deal with things,” he told The Sun, adding that he once became an “absolute wreck” after watching an advertisement for Amazon.

This all sounds so horrible for George, I’m tearing up a little. Can you imagine how much George must love his friend to appropriate her discomfort and relish in any attention he may gain from doing so? Such bravery! I would even go so far as to argue that any man who doesn’t develop a uterus and the monthly pain it entails is a joke liar who hates women. Have periods and cry over commercials with us or don’t even bother!!!

[h/t The Sun]