Inky The Octopus Is A True Escape Artist

Artists come in all shapes and sizes. But possibly the most bewitching and otherworldly artist I’ve beheld in recent years is New Zealand native Inky the Octopus. The slimy visionary displayed his Houdini-inspired artistry this week when he effectively escaped from his tank at the New Zealand National Aquarium.

The silver and cerulean hero saw opportunity knock when his tank was left slightly open during maintenance work and proceeded to slither through a drainage hole like a true Alcatraz escapee. Apparently it’s not uncharacteristic for an octopus to have predilections towards escapism and thinking outside the box (or tank in this case).

Aquarium manager Rob Yarell told the Guardian:

“Octopuses are famous escape artists. But Inky really tested the waters here. He would want to know what’s happening on the outside. That’s just his personality.”

If sleuth-like escapist abilities and unbridled curiosity are truly his personality, then Inky is someone I wanna grab a drink and discuss the finer things in life with. He seems like he knows how to push himself towards his destiny, which occasionally takes the shape of a drainage hole. That is something I respect.