Anna Wintour was Stuck in The Basement of Madison Square Garden For A Half Hour

Anna Wintour plopped herself on her sedan chair and directed her Vogue interns to Late Night With Seth Meyers last night for a brief appearance in which we learned that, like the rest of America, she, too, has been lost in the basement of Madison Square Garden. And, like we all do when we’re lost and alone, wandering the bowels of a very confusing and probably pretty cold event space, she cried. That Wintour, man. So relatable!

Wintour and her good friend Seth Meyers(?!) talked through the harrowing experience, which was a result of Wintour trying to weasel out of sitting through Kanye West’s “migrant-chic” fashion presentation earlier this year, when he debuted his latest album, “The Life Of Pablo.” Wintour was sitting all alone in the VIP section, but when she saw her good pal Jay-Z slide out about 45 minutes into the event, she knew that she could very easily exit without anyone noticing.

“I slid into the basement of Madison Square Garden, and I was lost there for a half an hour, asking various people to let me out,” she said. Trapped deep down in the guts of Madison Square Garden, seeking exit and finding none, is a particular kind of hell that I’d only wish on people I tolerate in person, but hate behind their backs. Imagining Anna Wintour wandering around MSG, weaving her way between giant dumpsters full of empty beer cups and recycling bins makes me cackle.

“I don’t wear sunglasses inside, so I see exit signs,” Meyers quips, which is a fair point, but really, when is the last time Anna Wintour has had to actually find a fucking exit on her own time? While being down in the hole left her “in tears,” all was not lost. A “little security guard” who used to coach her son’s baseball team led her to safety.

Like Anna Wintour, I cry when I’m lost, too! Who knew that we had any-fucking-thing in common?