Watch Video Of Brothers Convincing Sister Of Zombie Apocalypse, In Case You Forgot How Shitty Siblings Are

Siblings are a blessing in disguise of true terror. They have all the dirt on your vulnerabilities and can use them for good or evil depending on your relationship and how rotten their souls are. In keeping with the tricks and traps of siblinghood, when the brothers in this video realized that their younger sister would be drugged up after having her wisdom teeth removed, they saw it as a beautiful opportunity for theatrics. Not skipping a beat, the brothers set up a family-wide prank tricking their sister Millicent into thinking that the zombie apocalypse had begun and they needed to flee for safety.

Completely blazed from pain meds, poor Millicent was overcome with urgent concern for the survival of humanity. Her anxiety piqued when one brother told her they could only bring Funfetti or chocolate cake, to which she yelled, “FUNFETTI!”

This video speaks to me, because while I’ve never been tricked into believing in zombies, three of my siblings once managed to convince me that I was COMPLETELY INVISIBLE by eating ice cream in front of me without acknowledging my sugar-starved presence. So, I feel you girl.