New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six Trailers Are Here, Gird Your Spoiler-Fearing Eyes

Winter and its discontents are definitely coming. On the heels of yesterday’s trailer for the upcoming sixth season, we now have four(!!) clips from the season six premiere, which returns to HBO April 24th. Not much is revealed, because why would they do that, but if you’re spoiler-averse and the kind of person who panics when someone tells you how The Sixth Sense ends, like 17 years after the fact, then be advised.

First, here’s Jamie, Cersei and their matching pixie cuts, reunited at long last and reminiscing about the old times while ignoring the current new times (zombies and white walkers and general unrest).

Here’s Sansa and Theon hauling ass through the snowy forests of the North. Remember when they jumped the wall? Me neither, but I assure you, it happened. Here’s proof. They’re alive! Of course they’re alive, what would this show be if Sansa wasn’t wearing all black and skulking around dark castles promising vengeance.

And now, from the third episode, Kahaleesi rolls up to Vaes Dothrak, one of the cities in the Great Dothraki Sea, as indicated by that CGI dueling horses statue that would just as at home in Teresa Giudice’s front yard.

Also, here’s Davos Seaworth talking to Conan about secrets, George R.R. Martin and who maybe ends up on the Iron Throne. There’s a clip of Davos defending the “lifeless” body of Jon Snow.

And what of Jon Snow? Last we saw, he was dead. But Melisandre, that tricky lil’ thing, was left to hang out with his body. She loves birthing evil shadows out of her vagina and also sort of reanimating dead people, so maybe, just maybe, Jon Snow’s body will return in some form to carry out somebody’s bidding. Or, maybe he’s dead. Siri certainly seems to think so.