Jeremy Renner’s Comments About “Badass” Female Characters Completely Misses Every Point Ever

It seems Jeremy Renner has been sent back to Press Junket 101 School, and it included a crash course on How Not To Piss Off Female Journalists. The actor was at CinemaCon on Monday with Amy Adams to present the trailer for “Story of Your Life,” and not only did he manage not to drop any C bombs or refer to Black Widow as a slut, he gave props to Adams’s character in “Story” as the lead.

“It’s Amy’s story, and there’s not enough cinema in Hollywood where we have a strong, badass, intelligent female lead. I think that’s important,” Renner said. (Whether or not his co-stars get equal pay? Less important to Renner. Let’s hope Adams, who was paid less than her male co-stars for her major role in “American Hustle,” is getting her fair share for this alien invasion thriller.)

“Story” director Denis Villeneuve’s previous film, “Sicario,” was widely praised by male and female critics alike for featuring an interesting, complex, and yes, “badass” female character in the lead, played by Emily Blunt, despite the financial perks to hiring a male star. The thing that Renner misses, though, is that we’re not lacking badass female characters in pop culture. Movies featuring hot chicks beating up and/or shooting people are fun, don’t get me wrong — I saw “Salt” twice! — but what we really need are stories about and by people outside of Renner’s field of vision: Women who are unwieldy, unlikeable, messy, and weird, who wouldn’t ever figure into a cinematic universe that requires dieting or power lifting to get into skintight catsuits. How about women who aren’t even white? Or straight? Now that would really be something! Representation in pop culture is essential; little kids flocking to Rey’s character or shipping Finn and Poe in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” prove it. But there’s more to movies than that.

Of course, the globetrotting press tour for “Captain America: Civil War” is yet to come, so chances are good that our exhausted stars will soon say something really dumb sooner rather than later. Hey, we all have less than badass days. Right, Jeremy?