Hillary Clinton’s 404 Page Has A Joke About Her Subway Swipe, Because She’s Not A Regular Candidate, She’s A Cool Candidate

If you’ve ever felt awkward for fumbling to get out your MetroCard during rush hour, well, at least you’re not Hillary Clinton. The presidential candidate’s attempt to prove she’s a Woman of the People by riding public transportation last week was slightly thwarted by a temperamental turnstile, and unfortunately for her, her perfect press photo op backfired. Didn’t she learn anything from Mellie’s Burger Bungle?!

In any case, HRC’s media people were on it in order to show that the #ImWithHer candidate is with it, dammit. Back when the Interweb was fresh and new, a fun thing to do for your personal site was to create a wacky 404 page. Maybe you used that Gary Larson Far Side comic where the kid is pushing instead of pulling the door open! Who’s to say? The sky truly was the limit. In any case, it’s obvious that whoever runs Hillary’s website is down with ‘net humor, because they created a 404 page using a pic of her turnstile kerfuffle. Clinton joked about the subway with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during the Inner Circle Dinner the other night, but that was sort of overshadowed by their hair-raisingly inappropriate joke.

Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, had no idea we even used MetroCards, bless his heart.