Getting Adele’s Perfectly Winged Eye Liner Is Hell, Basically

I’ve written extensively about how Adele, in addition to being a powerhouse singer and all around bad ass dame, has her winged eyeliner game on LOCK. You’ve no doubt tried to perfect this look on yourself and, if you’re lucky, have found a technique that delivers a slightly wonkier version. But how does one get a cat-eye with just the right amount of thin-to-thick-to-thin-to-flickness? Um, according to Adele’s makeup artist, Michael Ashton, it takes two types of eyeliner (whut?), a shit ton of brushes and the steady hand of a master painter. Good luck with that. (Alternatively, I continue to suggest trying Maybelline’s Line Stiletto eye liner — while it won’t last as long, it’s pretty goof proof.)