Erykah Badu’s Comments About How Girls Should Dress Are So Bad, And Here’s Why

This week, a New Zealand high school made headlines for instructing female students to lengthen their skirts so as not to “distract” male teachers and students. This caught the eye of Erykah Badu, of all people, inspiring a Twitter rant about school uniforms that quickly spiraled into unproductive slut-shaming territory.

Badu’s tweets – which can be read below – manage to put the entire onus of adult male lust on the shoulders of not just young women but minors, sexualizing their bodies before they’ve necessarily done so themselves, not to mention excusing the predatory behavior of male authority figures:

Unsurprisingly, Badu’s rant garnered a whole lot of backlash from those who felt she was holding young women and girls responsible for catering the way they dress, compelling them to conform their behavior in accordance with the Male Gaze, essentially limiting their right to express themselves (or, you know, merely possess legs) because a shorter hemline could possibly “tempt” men; their teachers specifically.

Skirt lengths aside, no grown man should be allowed to teach if he’s going to be actively predatory towards anyone, let alone the teenagers in his charge. Badu managed to respectfully engage with those who disagreed with her, claiming her intention wasn’t to slut-shame — but the message she sent in these tweets say otherwise. Here’s hoping she listened and learned. And may we all remember that if Erykah fucking Badu still has shit to learn, the rest of us probably (definitely) still do too.

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