Ciara Refused To Say Future’s Name On TV, And…Just…Slow Clap

Ciara was on Good Morning America yesterday with Ludacris to announce the Billboard Music Awards nominees. And, in the most beautifully petty move ever seen on live television, she refused to say her ex, Future’s name when announcing the nominees for Top R&B Artist. It’s a sight to behold.

Ciara announces the other two names before Future’s with the poise, confidence and verve befitting a person who performs songs sometimes and endures the everyday burden of walking around with a giant diamond on her marriage finger, courtesy of fiancé Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Notice, however, how she leans away from the mic. Notice how she refuses to speak that man’s name. The entire thing would’ve ground to a standstill had Ludacris not gamely stepped in.

Future and Ciara have a son, Future Jr., and they ended their engagement in 2014. Ciara also filed a $15 million  slander and defamation lawsuit against Future Sr. after the rapper went on a Twitter rampage calling her a “bitch” with “control problems.”

Many will try and tell you that this is shade, but let the record show that there is nothing shady about this in the slightest. It’s a beautifully well-executed public burn. Watch it five times. Watch it ten times. Take notes. Like stinky cheese or mediocre wine, it gets better with age.