Watch John Oliver Show How The Credit Report Industry Is Seriously Flawed

Last night on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on the subject of credit score for his final segment, and we all know it’s the final segment of the night that always gets passed around the internet all day Monday. This segment is particularly interesting to those of us affected by credit score, which is all of us.

In order to apply for a job or get approved for an apartment, a credit check is often mandatory. Oliver shows us that even a Craiglist ad seeking a fireworks operator requires the applicant to undergo a credit check. Throughout the segment, Oliver reveals that there are a ton of significant errors made during credit checks that prevent people from getting approved for loans or their dream apartment.

And the mistakes are not easy to fix. A woman named Judy Thomas has spent six years trying to get a woman named Judy Kendell’s debt off of her credit report. Six years! After watching the segment, you’ll of course be inspired to check your own credit score, but be careful of the company you choose. Oliver took it upon himself to create companies that sound “problematically similar” to other credit score companies, just as many actual websites do. No really, here are the fictional companies’ websites:,, and