Here Are Some Mysterious Preview Photos Of The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Reboot

Nine years after the world crumpled into a ball weeping because Gilmore Girls came to a tragic end, the girls are returning to Netflix and hope and peace is once more restored. Although the return of the mother-daughter duo isn’t slated until later this year, Netflix has graciously bestowed some preview images on hungry fans. At this rate, by the time the show is actually out there will already be pages full of fan theories and predictions.

This picture of Emily Gilmore looking equally parts well-coiffed and smug proves that although time has passed, the characters are still themselves.

CREDIT: Netflix

In this photo we see that there is a musical happening, which seems like a setting that would provide ample opportunity for Rory to coyly be brilliant and Lorelai to accidentally fuck a hott divorcee with a penchant for community theater?! I’m just throwing out theories here.

CREDIT: Netflix

I’m hoping this photo is a still from a scene in which Rory and Emily get super hammered and Emily reveals what’s left of her hidden Woodstock phase.


This picture confirms suspicions that Rory would become the sexy-librarian we knew she was meant to be, but in teacher form and without glasses or the correct sweaters. So basically she’s just a hot actress playing a shy intellectual, but nonetheless, her position as teacher provides the template for plenty of institutional drama. Will there be a student who catches her eye?!

CREDIT: Netflix

It wouldn’t be Gilmore Girls without the crucial scenes in which Rory and Lorelai debrief the woes of their work and love lives at  80mph, complete with coffee and pop culture references.

CREDIT: Netflix


CREDIT: Netflix

If these photos didn’t whet your appetite for the Gilmore Girls reunion than your appetite didn’t exist in the first place, and I don’t even know if you were ever alive in the first place.