Gloria Steinem Teamed Up With VICE For New Documentary Series

The last time Gloria Steinem popped up in my feed was back in February when she insisted that female Bernie supporters only support him so that they can meet boys, which she has since apologized for. Here she is in my feed again today, but on much better terms.

She has a new show out! It is titled “WOMAN” and will debut on VICE’s new channel VICELAND. It’s about women, obviously, but more than that it is about how “…the well being of women determines the well being of society.”

According to VICE’S press release,

“The raw and revolutionary look at womanhood brings together a team of female journalists who explore how violence against women drives global instability. The show focuses on a variety of issues from sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo to unacknowledged murdered and missing women in Canada, femicide in El Salvador, and the incarceration of mothers in America.”

Steinem elaborates on this,

“More than poverty, natural resources, religion, or degree of democracy, violence against females is the most reliable predictor of whether a nation will be violent within itself or will use violence against another country — and gender violence has become so great that for the first time, there are now fewer females on Earth than males,” says Steinem. “This series informs and gives viewers ways to help.”

Just from reading the release, I am both intrigued and inspired. It premieres May 10th at 10pm on VICELAND, but until then, here’s the trailer to give you an idea.