Clinton and Sanders Release New York Ads That Basically Say “Hey, We’re Not As Bad As Trump!”

Ahead of the upcoming New York primary on April 19, Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have released two New York-centric ads that focus primarily on the fact that they’re not horrible bigoted monsters like Donald Trump. It seems ludicrous to have to resort to this as a campaign platform, but given the tenor of this election year, anyone who can demonstrably prove that they’re not a terrible person should win, right?

Clinton’s ad, “Stronger Together,” serves as a gentle reminder to the American people that Trump has said that all Mexicans are rapists and that we should  punish women who have abortions. It also includes a soundbite from one of her campaign trail speeches, saying that these values go against  “everything New York and America stand for.”

As one might expect, Sanders’ ad plays up his good ol’ boy from Brooklyn shtick and focuses more on saving the middle class, justice for all and “values forged in New York.” It’s less Trump-centric, which is a breath of fresh air, and more hopeful, just like Bernie.

Inflamed inner thigh boil Donald Trump has yet to do anything else of note, aside from holding a rally on Long Island this past Wednesday with more than 10,000 people in attendance. As a part of their campaigning in New York, Sanders and Clinton ate hot dogs and looked at cheesecake warily, like all New Yorkers do.

Despite the nastiness both Democratic candidates have stooped to in this campaign so far, the path for any reasonable thinking person is clear. Sanders and Clinton aren’t that bad. They’re fine. They’re not fire-breathing trash bags full of bigotry and hate speech and inexperience, and for that, we should be grateful. It’s better than nothing, right?