Very Naughty Dog Dips Paws Into Calligraphy Set And Walks Through Entire House

This doggie is naughty but artistic if you ask me! A sweet Husky looking doge waited for his owners to leave for the movies before dipping his paws into their Chinese calligraphy ink set.

When they returned home, they saw that this pup had covered most their floors with his signature paw print.

The gallery was posted on Imgur and we aren’t sure where and when this happened but does it really matter? This is a masterpiece!

According to the Imgur user who posted the pictures, luckily the ink is nontoxic to dogs or humans.

The best part? He went into the bedroom and managed to only leave one single paw print – probably thinking better of ruining that sacred space. I mean he didn’t want to get yelled at THAT much, right?